The Bura

A gale has been blowing through the Boka Kotorska for the last 2 days.  When the wind switches to the NE in winter the result is the Bura. Gusts of up to 200km an hour hammer through the Verige straits and curl around the outer bay. The steep sides of Orijen mountain massif above Herceg Novi channel the winds and the irregular topography causes sudden changes in direction and intensity. The winds are caused by polar high pressure sitting over the high plateau behind the Dinaric range and warmer low pressure over the Adriatic.

That’s the explanation anyway, the result is fallen branches, broken shutters and howling winds all night which sound like an express train. The bura tends to be stronger at night and the best response is to stay in, batten down and light up the wood burning stove.  At least in compensation, the more intense or ‘light’ bura also brings no rain, blues skies and sunshine. Exhilarating in a fresh 200km gale !

Mount Lovcen and the 'Bura'