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Online Map that captures and conveys the authenticity of the region through the eyes of people who know best – You!

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What are people posting? What can you share?

Seeks to promote and enhance the region’s natural, historic, and cultural sites to domestic and international visitors seeking authentic travel experiences

What can I nominate?

  • Historical/ Cultural Site, District, Village, Town
  • Festival and Event
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Natural Area
  • Local Artist, Musician or Craftsperson
  • Regional Tours
  • Local Businesses (e.g. locally owned food, drink and accommodation provider)
  • Local Points of Interest (Market, Statue, Religious Structure, Unique shop, etc.)
  • Participation Opportunities (Voluntourism Opportunities)

… anything that is authentic to Western Balkans and sustains or enhances the character of the region.

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Open the map!

What is Geotourism?

Tourism that sustains or enhances the geographic character of a place, its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.

A test for inclusion on the MapGuide: “Is the spot, attraction, business, activity or experience distinctive to our town, area or region, and is it authentic to The Western Balkans?”


–          Promotes and supports character, tradition and cultural heritage of the site

–          Promotes and supports positive practices of environmental and heritage protection

–          Promotes and supports involvement and prosperity of local community

–          Offer and method of work focused on authentic and quality offer



  1. Go to:

And create your profile

  1. Select the best category for your nomination
  1. Follow the steps and add full description of your nomination:

Click SAVE AND EXIT at the bottom of the page to move from Text to Media to Contacts to Mapping

  1. Once you have entered all the information, change the status of your nomination and submit it to the editor for review, approval and activation (at the bottom of the page)
  1. Click SAVE
  1. If you want to link your nomination to other nominations on the MapGuide and/ or the themes, click on  CONTENT RELATIONSHIPS  at the top of the page and click every nomination that could be associated with yours then click SAVE             to keep the changes.

If you want to add another nominations, click in the top left corner and repeat the steps.

  1. Contact the Country portal director or the editor to review your nominations and activate them.

To do list for the Western Balkans – Kirsi H.


To do list for the Western Balkans  Editor’s Note: This article was written by Kirsi Hyvaerinen of National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro and features the ATTA’s Chris Doyle, Executive Director of Europe.

Kirsi (far left)

Kirsi (far left)

ATTA's Chris Doyle

ATTA’s Chris Doyle